Happy Birthday Dannii…

for yesterday (sorry it’s a day late babe, it seems to be my tradition, speak to any of my family members – they’re used to it now lol) I just wanted to dedicate this post to Dannii.I met Danni while I was studying at College.I was completing my degree in Primary teaching as was her ‘fiance’ Israel. I met Izzy in some of my classes (joint with years below) and heard him talking about how excited he was that he was getting married (and Shannon knew him from in the Dorm). When Shannon and I got married and moved into ‘Nappy Valley’ – the married student houses, we were happy to discover Israel and his wife (married the yr before us) were to be living in our street as neighbours.Here is a picture from one of our 4WD’ing trips of Dannii back then…I don’t have many good pics of just Dannii by herself but as I was looking through all my photos I realised again what an awesome friend she really is.After being in labour with Matilda for about 18hrs or so, it was Dannii who came to give support and as you can see in this photo, to bring food for my starving husband.Not only that, she stayed with me while he went off for a break and to eat and to gave me back rubs and words of encouragement. She also stayed with me through being induced, the epidural and even sat outside the theatre til after 1:30 in the morning while they delivered Matilda via c-section. But even after all of that, it took an awesome friend like Dannii to have so much respect for me that she then went home without even meeting Matilda as she didn’t want Matilda to meet her before I got to spend time with her myself! When Dannii fulfilled her dream of opening her own scrapbooking shop, she was even so awesome and generous enough to ask me to be involved in the dream. How Amazing is that!So Dannii, I want to say how awesome it is to be your friend. You are so amazing, so generous and I love you to bits!Happy Birthday Babe. Hope your day was memorable!   


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3 responses to “Happy Birthday Dannii…

  1. Oh wow Jodi, I feel a bit chiffed reading all that, thanks so much!

    I feel truly blessed to be a part of your lives too, and I know this friendship will live on til the end of our lives!

    I do need to make one correction to your post though. You said that I went home from the hospital without meeting Tilly, but actually I did meet her, up in special care nursery. I just didn’t hold her.

  2. Fiona

    Wonderful words Jodi – and all are true – Dannii is a very special daughter/friend/sister etc and the world is definitely a better place with her in it!

  3. brett and tammie

    You to are an amazing person, friend, and i’m proud to say my sister. I cried when i read what you wrote. I love you jodi.. And miss you heaps can’t wait to see you soon.. tami

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