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School Holidays Rock!

Don’t ya just love the school holidays when you can lounge around in your pj’s for ages (or be like Shannon and stay in ur dressing gown all day some days…just coz he can. lol), watch movies up late, have pancakes for breakfast and hot scones for lunch. Love it. Oh and scrap heaps of course (because now there is someone else to help look after the baby through the day yipee!).

Our lovely Design Team member Marni was very generous this week and sent me some lovely pages form vintage children’s books to use in my scrapbooking. So yesterday I sat down and had a play. I love this photo taken of Briana on Christmas day at Horseshoe Bay…

And here is another one that has been sitting on my kitchen table for a few days waiting to be completed. Just a simple Layout of Mr & Mrs Alcock – Who are now back from their honeymoon…love you guys.

I have some friends from playgroup coming around to scrap tomorrow night so I guess I should get some photos printed.


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Happy Birthday Dannii…

for yesterday (sorry it’s a day late babe, it seems to be my tradition, speak to any of my family members – they’re used to it now lol) I just wanted to dedicate this post to Dannii.I met Danni while I was studying at College.I was completing my degree in Primary teaching as was her ‘fiance’ Israel. I met Izzy in some of my classes (joint with years below) and heard him talking about how excited he was that he was getting married (and Shannon knew him from in the Dorm). When Shannon and I got married and moved into ‘Nappy Valley’ – the married student houses, we were happy to discover Israel and his wife (married the yr before us) were to be living in our street as neighbours.Here is a picture from one of our 4WD’ing trips of Dannii back then…I don’t have many good pics of just Dannii by herself but as I was looking through all my photos I realised again what an awesome friend she really is.After being in labour with Matilda for about 18hrs or so, it was Dannii who came to give support and as you can see in this photo, to bring food for my starving husband.Not only that, she stayed with me while he went off for a break and to eat and to gave me back rubs and words of encouragement. She also stayed with me through being induced, the epidural and even sat outside the theatre til after 1:30 in the morning while they delivered Matilda via c-section. But even after all of that, it took an awesome friend like Dannii to have so much respect for me that she then went home without even meeting Matilda as she didn’t want Matilda to meet her before I got to spend time with her myself! When Dannii fulfilled her dream of opening her own scrapbooking shop, she was even so awesome and generous enough to ask me to be involved in the dream. How Amazing is that!So Dannii, I want to say how awesome it is to be your friend. You are so amazing, so generous and I love you to bits!Happy Birthday Babe. Hope your day was memorable!   


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Another scrappy post :)

I’m on fire. Here are three more I completed last night. I was in an arty farty mood lol.

ok, Izzy in coming over to play guitar hero so I am off to do some more scrapping.

Oh and I am so proud of myself today…I went in a footy tipping comp over at Scrapniques and I tipped all winners in the first round lol. And I can’t even say Shannon helped because he was away playing Tennis so it was all me. hahahaha.  



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Crop For Kids and other scrapping…

Last weekend I attended the Crop for Kids to raise funds for the Good Friday Appeal. Over $11000 was raised and a great time was had by all. Here are my layouts that I completed on the day and a few others that I have done lately, oh and a pic of Dannii & I in our spiffy t-shirts that I embroidered…


 xx J xx


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Scrapniques class time.

Coming this Saturday night over at Scrapniques

Freestyle Scrapping Layout using Stamping techniques and Framing.

Teacher – Marni Telford

Marni loves to produce creative layouts using freestyle techniques and designs.During this class you will create a layout using techniques such as alternative stamping and using interesting frames on your layout.

Along with your kit, you will also need the following items

-embroidery thread in a colour to match the patterned papers (Marni used a dusty pink)

– black pen that will write on painted surface.

– red, orange and white paint

– stapler

– liquid paper pen or white gel pen

This class will be run online through a private Scrapniques forum (you will receive the information about that upon payment) on Saturday the 29th March, starting at 8pm.

Please book in for this class in enough time to not only guarantee yourself a spot, but to also have the kit sent to you in time.
Sneek peeks-

For only $17, you could create a gorgeous layout but better still learn some fabulous techniques to try out on many layouts to come.

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Our Camping Experience.

Over the long weekend just gone (Labour Day) we decided to go camping so on Saturday morning we headed off to Noojee.

It was lovely to get away and spend some time with just us in the bush ( oh and the blowflies and mossies of course).

Here are some pics from the weekend…


How funny is Matilda’s face in the following pic. lol. Love it!  Esp. compared to mine in same pic, lol.

On Sunday we went to see the ADA Tree. it is believed to be 270 years old and approx 76 M tall ( it used to be about 120M until the top snapped off).

In scrapping news, I am off the the Crop For Kids this weekend for a fun filled day of scrapping to help raise money for the Good Friday Appeal. Can’t wait.


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Matilda @ 7 months.

Today is photo overload time with some pics of Matilda taken over the last few days now that she is 7 months old. 

And the last one is of Matilda and her friend Joel from Play group who was having a good little feelsky of Tildy’s butt… 


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