They got married…yay!

Here are some piccies from the wedding of Mr & Mrs Matthew & Peta Alcock. 🙂 

The cowgirls hit the town on  The hens night hehehe. 

One of the cars.

The wedding party at the wedding (sorry pic is yuk).

Matilda & Mummy @ the Wedding…same as.

Me & My partner Nathan and…introducing… Mr & Mrs Alcock…

Arn’t they a cute couple.They are off on a 6 week 4wding trip around WA for their honeymoon.xx  

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One response to “They got married…yay!

  1. Gorgeous pics Jodi!
    Peta and Matt, if you read this, it looks like you had a very beautiful wedding! Congrats! Enjoy your honeymoon!
    Jodi, I would love to see a pic of you and Tilly when you can see both of your dresses in full, do you have one?

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