My baby has teeth!!!

Yep thats right, Matilda has her 2 bottom front teeth coming through. They started coming through on about  monday I think. I thought I could see some little gels appearing and then the next morning Shannon was feeding her and the spoon clanged on something and yep, pearly whites appearing. Very sharp little things and this morning for the first time ever she tried to bite my nipple when i was feeding her. I put a stop to that pretty quickly. Lets hope that doesn’t become a habit any time soon…ouch!I have been trying to get a pic over the last couple of days to share with you but this is as good as i can get unfortunately. My little girl moves too quickly and doesn’t like to move her tongue out of the way. But you can sort of see them…  Sorry it’s such a crap shot. When they get a bit bigger you can see them again.I have been busy sewing with my lovely new Janome Memory Craft 9700 sewing machine. I have done some bibs…to try out my new embroidery function and it’s a beauty. So if anyone needs any gifts (great for babies, children’s towels, weddings, birthdays etc) let me know and I’m sure we could come up with something (for just a small fee of course lol). My sister Peta gets married in about 2 weeks so I have been busy sewing for the wedding. So far I have finished 5 bow ties, 1 dress for Matilda and have my bridesmaid dress half done. I still have about a dozen table runners to do after the dress so I guess I should get back to the sewing machine.I’ll leave you with a couple more pics of my girl…trying her new dress from Granny Marion and Grandpa Paul on for size, and eating the paper (of course)…much love, j xx  

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  1. Oh Jodi, it’s so great to see you enjoying your new machine! The bib looks great!

    Tilly is growing up so fast! She certainly is photgenic isn’t she? Oh actually except for that teeth shot PMSL!

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