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Christmas pics +…

Here are the rest of the pics from our holiday as promised. Tilly opening Christmas presents (she loved the paper and wanted to eat it all up – Opening her christmas stocking @ Granny & Papa’s house –Tilly having her first Christmas dinner (well first dinner ever actually)-She obviously loved it –Tilly & Granny on Christmas day –At the beach @ Mystery Bay –In her new duck from Granny & Papa –And these extra couple of photos that I just HAD to share that Shannon took at his favourite place on Earth…Camel Rock –…isn’t he just so talented! 


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So much to catch up on…

Hi everyone…I have been so slack over the holidays. It has just been nice to spend time with friends, family Shannon and Tilly. Well I have also been waiting to get all of our photos onto the mac so i could upload them and show u some new pics. They arn’t all up yet but enough to give you a glimpse into the last couple of months. We headed home to Cobargo the week before Christmas and spent 3 weeks enjoying our holiday on the coast over ChristmasHere is our little family visiting the coastwe had a lovely christmas (pics from christmas to come later)and here are a few more pics from the trip…Matilda and Myles-Matilda & Uncle JoshSwimming with Granny Just last week we had a visit from our good friends Melby, Hayden and their handsome son LachlanHere is Lachie giving Tilly a kiss goodbye and a Melby & TillyMatilda   and Matilda taking time to enjoy the simple things in life… ok enough pics for today.I will be back some other time soon with some christmas pics and Tilly enjoying her food. xxx J xxx  

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