Baby Jesus, friends & a new high chair…

Matilda did a wonderful job playing baby Jesus in Road to Bethlehem this week. Here are some pics (she had at least 3 marys over 1 night)-  Yesterday we had the opportunity to catch up with or good friends Belinda & Joel and their adorable daughter Zannah while they had a stop over on their way to Tassie for the holidays. Heres Belinda, Zannah, Matilda & I – Zannah & I – Our babies getting to know each other –  Zannah- (isn’t she just a doll!)   The boys were there too but I don’t really have any great shots of them…sorry Joel. On the way home we called in to watch Josh play Volleyball and then stopped at Knox to get Tilly her Christmas present…A high chair (too big to take on holidays so she gets it early).It’s a great chair as it converts to a table & chair for when she is older –(sorry, she looks a bit stunned in these pics from the flash when we took the pics last night…she was also very tired).Well, she slept from 9:30 last night until 7:15 this morning! Then she went straight back down until 11:15! What a champ!!!ok, off to try our stamp maker again.. xx   

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