hehehe. It’s so nice to be able to announce this exciting news that my sister Peta and her boyfriend Matty got engaged the saturday before last. He asked her on the top of ‘Little Brown’ (for all the locals). Here is a pic from the moment…ahhh..

They are planning for a wedding in Febuary (their 4 yr anniversary) so we don’t have long. They have chosen the 16th so thats cool and I have been asked to be a bridesmaid (along with my sisters Tammie & Vicki & Matty’s sister Sally). It’s so  exciting!!!

We don’t have long to choose dresses but we are planning on doing that when we all home around Christmas.

We have had a busy weekend in our house with Tammie & Brett and the boys staying. It was great to have family around and to get out to the shops. I had a little photo shoot with them while they were here. Here are a couple of pics to share…

and a couple of Tilly & Myles (could be slightly blurry as these babies are never still!)


just Myles – (such a cute grin!)

Not much else to report. I finally uploaded the pics from my phone to my computer and here is a pic of Tilly to leave you with from the last school holidays when we were up home…

If you happen to visit my blog…please leave me a comment, it would be nice to know if anyone is still actually reading this. Love to all, J xox



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7 responses to “

  1. brett and tammie

    who’s that gorgeous man i’m kissing. What a hunk!. I look at your pic’s there great mate.
    We had a great time down there can’t wait to see you at christmas , not long now.
    love ya lots.. t -xox-

  2. brett and tammie

    cute bunny you have i want one too..
    nice ears bay..

  3. peta

    Ha jodi,tilly an shanon,just dropen a line ta say we keep an eye on your site,b great to catch up next month cyas matt n fella boy

  4. Jodi

    thanks for leaving comments guys. it’s nice to know i am writing for someone. love yas, see yas in a month. j xx

  5. vicki

    hay its me to about time you got on here again i check it every day.
    boy you have a cute family and i can’t wait either, and thanks for my cuttle bug best traveled cuttle bug in the world! you had, than tam, and now jade, and he not give it to me!
    well i can’t wait to see you all either for christmas and for the wedding hope all is going well with the business
    much love to all love v xx

  6. Fiona

    I usually read your blog everyday too Jodi – Tillie is gorgeous!
    Fiona (Dannii’s mum)

  7. Miranda

    She is growing up so quickly. A real cutie!
    Have a great week.

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