Sweet sweet glorious sleep!!

ah yes…it has finally happened…Matilda has slept from approx midnight through to morning for the last 5 nights. Last night was the best (each night just keeps getting better!) she slept from 11pm-8am!!!

It’s so lovely to wake up in the  morning and say…’I didn’t get up through the night last night!’

I hope it stays this way (they tell me that once you talk about them sleeping through the night, they stop…so lets pray that doesn’t happen!)

I can always tell when she has slept long when i wake up with breasts so full i can hardly move…i’m almost begging her to wake up then just so she can have breakfast and help the situation…only to discover that she decides one breast is filling enough and leaves me full and lopsided for the next 3 hours (I guess expressing is the way to go for a bit until things get sorted out in that department).

Anyhow…just wanted to share my excitement.

Here’s a pic of Tilly’s beautiful smile…we just can’t get enough!

(Sorry it’s a bit blurry!) j xx


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