Exciting news…

I have had some exciting news to share for a while now but have been really busy and havn’t had a chance to post. I have joined Dannii as partners in the ownership of an online shop.


where we sell scrapbooking supplies at really reasonable prices. Please check it out and join up in the forum so we have lots of people to chat to. You can also check out the gallery and be inspired by other peoples work. We also have challenges every fornight where you could win yourself $20 to spend in our shop just by completing them and going in the draw!

So I have been busy ordering stock, uploading it into the shop and packaging up kits to sell. The great thing is I can just work around Tilly’s sleeping or even after she has gone to bed of a night time. I have a class to run at Dannii’s house AKA Scrapniques headquarters in December and have been working on the sample for that…will post a pic when it’s done.

Ummm…what other news can i share?…

Oh yeah…Jade (Shannons sisiter) had a precious baby boy on Melbourne cup day (6th Nov). His name is Tyler Cohan and he is just so tiny and cute. He was born Tuesday morning at 2:09 am weighing 7 lb 6.5oz, 50cm tall Hc 36.5

Here are a few pics from yesterday (4days old)…

Mum & Tyler-

Tyler –

Cousins (a slight difference…boy they grow quick!) –

and heres a few more of Matilda for you…

In her Jolly Jumper –

Just being her sweet self –

She smiles all the time now and even laughs when you get her going…so cute!

I have other exciting news but I will share that another time…

xx J xx


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