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hehehe. It’s so nice to be able to announce this exciting news that my sister Peta and her boyfriend Matty got engaged the saturday before last. He asked her on the top of ‘Little Brown’ (for all the locals). Here is a pic from the moment…ahhh..

They are planning for a wedding in Febuary (their 4 yr anniversary) so we don’t have long. They have chosen the 16th so thats cool and I have been asked to be a bridesmaid (along with my sisters Tammie & Vicki & Matty’s sister Sally). It’s so  exciting!!!

We don’t have long to choose dresses but we are planning on doing that when we all home around Christmas.

We have had a busy weekend in our house with Tammie & Brett and the boys staying. It was great to have family around and to get out to the shops. I had a little photo shoot with them while they were here. Here are a couple of pics to share…

and a couple of Tilly & Myles (could be slightly blurry as these babies are never still!)


just Myles – (such a cute grin!)

Not much else to report. I finally uploaded the pics from my phone to my computer and here is a pic of Tilly to leave you with from the last school holidays when we were up home…

If you happen to visit my blog…please leave me a comment, it would be nice to know if anyone is still actually reading this. Love to all, J xox



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Sweet sweet glorious sleep!!

ah yes…it has finally happened…Matilda has slept from approx midnight through to morning for the last 5 nights. Last night was the best (each night just keeps getting better!) she slept from 11pm-8am!!!

It’s so lovely to wake up in the  morning and say…’I didn’t get up through the night last night!’

I hope it stays this way (they tell me that once you talk about them sleeping through the night, they stop…so lets pray that doesn’t happen!)

I can always tell when she has slept long when i wake up with breasts so full i can hardly move…i’m almost begging her to wake up then just so she can have breakfast and help the situation…only to discover that she decides one breast is filling enough and leaves me full and lopsided for the next 3 hours (I guess expressing is the way to go for a bit until things get sorted out in that department).

Anyhow…just wanted to share my excitement.

Here’s a pic of Tilly’s beautiful smile…we just can’t get enough!

(Sorry it’s a bit blurry!) j xx

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Exciting news…

I have had some exciting news to share for a while now but have been really busy and havn’t had a chance to post. I have joined Dannii as partners in the ownership of an online shop.

where we sell scrapbooking supplies at really reasonable prices. Please check it out and join up in the forum so we have lots of people to chat to. You can also check out the gallery and be inspired by other peoples work. We also have challenges every fornight where you could win yourself $20 to spend in our shop just by completing them and going in the draw!

So I have been busy ordering stock, uploading it into the shop and packaging up kits to sell. The great thing is I can just work around Tilly’s sleeping or even after she has gone to bed of a night time. I have a class to run at Dannii’s house AKA Scrapniques headquarters in December and have been working on the sample for that…will post a pic when it’s done.

Ummm…what other news can i share?…

Oh yeah…Jade (Shannons sisiter) had a precious baby boy on Melbourne cup day (6th Nov). His name is Tyler Cohan and he is just so tiny and cute. He was born Tuesday morning at 2:09 am weighing 7 lb 6.5oz, 50cm tall Hc 36.5

Here are a few pics from yesterday (4days old)…

Mum & Tyler-

Tyler –

Cousins (a slight difference…boy they grow quick!) –

and heres a few more of Matilda for you…

In her Jolly Jumper –

Just being her sweet self –

She smiles all the time now and even laughs when you get her going…so cute!

I have other exciting news but I will share that another time…

xx J xx

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