Scrap Layouts and pics-

Well I finally got around to doing some scrapping this week. There is so much of Tilly’s life to scrap that it’s really difficult to keep up…but I continue to try. Here are my latest efforts-

I did this one for Fathers Day- ‘Inseparable’

 (sorry I didn’t crop it)

Another one on my ‘Talented’ Husband-

Matilda ‘u r so cute’ –

‘g is for granny’ –

Matilda’s ‘1st manicure’ –

and here are some new pics –

Matilda & Mummy –

Matilda & Daddy (taken on Fathers day)-

Matilda in her Sabbath best- ready for church (she looked so cute in her denim skirt-so grown up!) –

and one last one for today. This cracked me up, Tilly & I called in at the local op shop on monday and the little old ladies there like to ohh and ahh over her. They got her out of the pram for a little cuddle and replaced her with this doll and told me i could now go home…yeah right!


But they sent it home with Tilly so she would have a friend…awww so cute. Gotta love little old op-shop ladies!

Well, gotta go, we have mothers group again today so I need to go get ready. Leave me a comment.

Love yas

xx J xx


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4 responses to “Scrap Layouts and pics-

  1. vicki

    am so proud to have such a talented sister well whole family really wait till i show you what we been doing too
    one week to go yeha are you ready for us
    love you all heaps and heaps and heaps and lots lots more he he love v

  2. Fiona

    Beautiful photos Jodi and great scrapping too

  3. peta

    Lookin good jodi, we can really see where tilly gets her good looks from!!!

  4. brett and tammie

    yeah i agree she does get her looks from me! He He Ha Ha , she just so cute every time i look at your beautiful girl i wish i could have just 1 too.
    I love you all lots see you real soon.. Aunty Tam,,,

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