My hubby the photographer…

Yesterday Dannii & I went to Warburton to a partylite candle party. While we were out Shannon decided to take our new camera for a walk around town to see if he could find some inspiration for some shots. I’m so proud of Shannon and the awesome pics that he has been taking lately that I thought I should post some to share with the world. Let me know what you think.

Park Bench –
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Railway –

Shannon found a drain & took these of himself (very clever 🙂 )

‘Self-ish’ –

‘Exposed’ –

‘Drained’ –

‘Alone’ –

Some interesting shots.

Your photos are getting better and better Shannon. Great job – so proud of my adorable hubby… 🙂

Love J xox



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3 responses to “My hubby the photographer…

  1. Very cool!
    I love the railway one the best!
    I have been practicing with my photography too. My style is very different to Shannon and Izzy’s though.
    And I am having fun “fixing” them up in photoshop. Will post some on my blog later.
    Dannii xx

  2. vicki

    shannon man talk about amazing you are so good at this what you doing teaching 🙂 i to am very proud of my brother in law and when you become famous with your photography i can than say hay thats my brother in law keep up the good work one day i want one on my wall
    love ya v

  3. auntie anne

    shannon & jodi,
    you have both done an amazing job of all the absolutely beautiful and wonderfully artistic photographs.
    I must admit I am extremely proud of both of you.
    keep up the good work…..
    much Love
    Auntie Anne

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