Happy Birthday Ashca & Gemma!

I’ve been so busy with bub that I didn’t get a chance to say online Happy Birthday to our beautiful God daughters Ashca & Gemma. Happy Birthday for Tuesday girls. You are both growing so quickly and into such beautiful individuals. We are so proud of you both already.

Ashca- You have such a lively, bubbly personality that we just love.

Gemma- Your sensitive nature is precious and we adore you.

Here is a pic taken 12 months ago when the twins were born.

Gemma & Ashca-

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Boy have you grown since then!

We love you both, Jodi, Shannon & Matilda xox

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One response to “Happy Birthday Ashca & Gemma!

  1. Oh my goodness! Thanks guys for a special birthday post! Really nice words, thanks heaps!

    I didn’t recognise my own kids though. When I scrolled through your blog before reading, I thought they were photos of Tilly!

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