Some new photos…

Last night Shannon took some pics. So here they are…39 weeks pregnant…



Only one week till due date now. It’s all getting so close. It’s been so nice to have 2 weeks holiday to relax with Shannon before bubs comes and to spend time with Tammie & Brett and the kids last week was great.

Ready for the next step now. Hugs for all, Jodi xox


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3 responses to “Some new photos…

  1. vicki

    photo’s i love em so wish i was there to see in person but one thing i want to know, is your belly button poped? and just to say your boobs sure are big now he he:-) some very beautiful photoes cherish the time while you got it cause all will change very soon but only for the best, God bless love you both love V xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh those photos are just gorgeous! Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing!

    Hey I bet you are enjoying being home while Shannon has to work now! If you want to catch up before bubs comes, let me know. Maybe we could catch up on a wednesday when I don’t have my kids?

    Talk to you soon mate!
    Dannii xx

  3. Tracie & Darren

    We loved the photo’s can’t wait to see the finished product. It might be a while before we see her in person ( school age )

    Tracie Darren & Boys X X X X X X X X

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