Getting close now!

Well, it’s only about 2 and a 1/2 weeks till my due date now!

 I  know i owe some pics so here it the pic of baby Myles as promised…

Here is a pic of my fat belly too. Taken at 35 weeks…

I finally finished work on Friday. Was a sad but good day and i look forward to getting a bit of rest before bubs arrives now.

Not much else to say. oh yeah that’s right…Melby is coming to visit with bubby Lachlan! They arrive in Australia today. Can hardly wait to see her.

Will let you know how it all goes.

Love to all, J xox


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2 responses to “Getting close now!

  1. Oh Myles is soooo adorable! Hope you are having a fun time with them while they are visiting!

    We are missing you guys soooo much, but we are having fun here too. Hope our boy is not causing you too much trouble!

    Now, tell that bubs of yours to stay put until we get back, he/she can’t be making an early appearance!

    Talk to you again soon!
    Dannii xx

  2. vicki

    i miss you and love you heaps and heaps
    love your big sister v
    ps you to shannon and rusty just a little bit he he
    and i say bring it on baby

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