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Boy, it has been so long (again) since I’ve posted that every time I think about it, the job is so daunting that I just ignore it and don’t do it. A few major this have happened since I posted last:

  • Phoebe turned 18 & we went home to help her celebrate.
  • Joshua turned 16.
  • Tammie & Brett had little Baby Myles Brayden. We were lucky enough to be home for the weekend for his birth (will post a pic later – camera batteries on charging).
  • Sami had a birthday.
  • Dannii threw me a baby shower last weekend (so much fun and so many nice things- will post a pic later). 
  • attended our first ante-natal class tonight.

Wow, so many things and prob so many that i’ve missed also.

We have accreditation at school next wednesday so I have been flat out trying to get my programs up to date. Reports start after that and I only have about 4 weeks of school left!

Only 7 weeks till bub is due (wow, time really did fly!!).

Anyhow, I’m tired now so I’m going to head off to bed.

Will be back in the next couple of days (hopefully) to post some pics and answer these questions Dannii tagged me with.

1. Four of my favorite jobs

2. Four of my favorite local places

3. Four of my favorite foods

4. Four of my favorite international places

5. Four name’s of people I am tagging

Chat later, J xox 


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