Pretty colours…

Finally we are back on line and seem to have settled into our new home. It takes so long to unpack and it gets a little mundane and disheartening when there is never enough storage to put everything somewhere. I did find my cotton spool rack though and thought the colours are just so pretty I had to share with you…


It’s Easter weekend this weekend and a few things are happening. Aloma & Scott get married on Sunday and it’s also Shannon’s 26th birthday. We are celebrating his birthday tomorrow night with a BBQ and we are going bowling (he loves bowling and I never go with him often enough!). So I have to make a cake tomorrow.

Our baby is moving a lot more now and Shannon has been able to feel bubs kicking a few times now which has been really special. I am still experiencing heartburn often…it sucks. Otherwise, feeling well.

anyhoo, chat more later, J xox


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  1. Hey little lady!
    I was just thinking the other day that I was wanting a cotton spool like yours and then I come on here to check if your blog has been updated and I get to see a pretty pic of yours. I think it is a sign saying that I have to go out and buy one now! Hehehe!

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