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Shannon’s new home Gym

Just a couple of quick piccies of Shannon using his birthday present…a new home gym.

Check out my spunky muscle man…

Lookin’ good hun! xx


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27 Weeks

We picked up bubbas cot in the holidays and Shannon had fun putting it all together…

Bubba this week – 

Your Baby

  • Fetal size: 24cm (9.6 inches). Fetal weight: 1 kg (just over 2 pounds). The head to toe length of your baby can now be approximated (until now, the measurements have been approximations of the crown-rump measurements). This week the crown-toe measurement is approximately 34cm (15.3 inches).
  • At about this time the retina develops. The retina is located at the back of the eye and receives light and light images & information, and transmits it to the brain where it is interpreted.
  • The lungs continue to develop, and this week the special moistening agent surfactant production begins. Surfactant stops the walls of the lungs from sticking together when we exhale. Along with the production of surfactant, the network of blood vessels servicing the lungs increases.
  • Your baby has been able to hear since about Week 20 but loud, sudden, or unexpected noises may still cause your baby to jump or kick. Your baby more easily hears lower and deeper tones, however your own voice is more easily heard than your partners. When you and your partner talk, your baby can hear the rhythm and patterns of your speech.


Can you believe bubs is getting so big?! I can…some days I can hardly breath! and talk about kick the stuffin out of me…I guess bubs is only going to get bigger and stronger though ( I do want a strong bubba, don’t get me wrong, it would just be nice to breath some times thats all).

Dannii is throwing me a baby shower on the 27th May which is really nice of her. We are having it at her house at 2pm as an afternoon tea which will be lovely.

Feeling really tired today. Back to school this week and we had teachers meetings on Sunday as well so worked a 6 day week this week. Had a mini sports day at school today and I had to stand out in the sun for about 1 1/2 hours so had a headache and really nackered after that. Just loving ice cold water at the moment and can’t get enough of the stuff except bubs takes up too much room in my tum so get too full to quick from drinking it, oh and of course it means i have to go to the toilet more…doh! and you know your tummy is definatly getting big when it’s hard to wipe yourself after going to the toilet (TMI I know but so true!).

Going to Jodi & Brett Barons for lunch after church tomorrow. Brett is the new PE teacher working with Shannon. So that’ll be nice.

Anyhow, should go. Belly rubs for all, J xox

Especially for you Tam, can you believe only 3 weeks till you have your bubba?! I’m so excited, can’t wait to meet the precious little one. xx.

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Week 26

Just thought I’d let you know what bubba is like this week.

Week 26

Your Baby

  • Fetal length 23 cm (9.2 inches). Fetal weight nearly 910grams (2 pounds).
  • Your baby’s body has started to grow faster than its head. This new sense of proportion makes your baby look more like a newborn. Arms and legs are stronger and bones are hardening. Eyebrows and eyelashes are present and hair on the head is growing longer. Your baby is becoming longer, and although still red and skinny, it’s body is rounding out as fat deposits start to develop under the skin. Genitals are now completely differentiated.
  • The lungs are growing, nostrils are open and muscles start to work to give your baby breathing practise prior to birth. Your baby has also developed patterns of sleeping and waking.
  • As brain cells start to mature, your baby starts learning and remembering. Your baby can also hear your voice and will start to move in rhythm with your speech. Beats such as drumbeats will also register with your baby, and he/she may move with the beat. Music that is played regularly while your baby is in utero may also be vaguely remembered after birth or later in life.
  • It is also important to note that your baby can distinguish its father’s voice if he talks to the baby in utero. This means that your baby will also be able to recognise it’s father’s voice and distinguish it from others after birth.

So cute, it’s so cool that bubs can recognise Daddys voice even. Will have to get Shannon singing to bub more often.  Bubba loves it when people sing and will often move around a lot at that time.

Went to Aloma and Scott’s wedding on Sunday. What I saw of it was beautiful…spent most of the ceromony being sick in the bathroom…gotta love those pregnacy hormones!

I have to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Shannon for Sunday also. He turned 26. Because we had the wedding to attend, we decided to have a bbq and go bowling  Sat night.  I was so sick afterwards and spent the next 24 hors being sick 4 times…not nice.

Anyhow, feeling a lot better today so might head into school and see if I can get a little bit organised for my last term there for a while (do I sound excited cause I am!!!).

Gotta go vaccum and wash up first. Belly rubs for all, J xox

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Pretty colours…

Finally we are back on line and seem to have settled into our new home. It takes so long to unpack and it gets a little mundane and disheartening when there is never enough storage to put everything somewhere. I did find my cotton spool rack though and thought the colours are just so pretty I had to share with you…


It’s Easter weekend this weekend and a few things are happening. Aloma & Scott get married on Sunday and it’s also Shannon’s 26th birthday. We are celebrating his birthday tomorrow night with a BBQ and we are going bowling (he loves bowling and I never go with him often enough!). So I have to make a cake tomorrow.

Our baby is moving a lot more now and Shannon has been able to feel bubs kicking a few times now which has been really special. I am still experiencing heartburn often…it sucks. Otherwise, feeling well.

anyhoo, chat more later, J xox

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