so tired

Hi all. So much has happened and i have so little time. Just a short one to let you know i am still alive. I will write more later but i’m at work as we just moved and the net is off at home. It’s supposed to be 35 deg today and already I am feeling hot and exhausted. Catch you later. have a great day. love j xox


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3 responses to “so tired

  1. peta

    Hey sis Hows the new house goin,
    Its Been hot up here to me and matty went swimmin at 9pm the other night!!
    luv ya p

  2. Hey! Nice to see you back on here!

  3. Jessie

    Hello : )

    Hope your net is back on again soon. I could not imagine living without the net.

    Me still not pregnant so you will have to post tips on your webpage soon…ok maybe not!

    Hugs for you both.
    Jessie L

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