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so tired

Hi all. So much has happened and i have so little time. Just a short one to let you know i am still alive. I will write more later but i’m at work as we just moved and the net is off at home. It’s supposed to be 35 deg today and already I am feeling hot and exhausted. Catch you later. have a great day. love j xox



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yay Half way…5mths

Well, we’ve made it to five months… 20 weeks. I went and had my scan last week and the lady said all was perfect so that was great news. The scan pics didn’t turn out that great though as bubs is so active and kept moving all the time (the baby especially loved to hide under my belly button). This made getting a 3D scan virtually impossible and so we came away with not great pics but definatly a great little bub still growing in there.

Here is a pic of my belly at 20 weeks for those interested…

 20 week belly pic

I have felt bubs moving a lot more lately and seemed to be moving a lot today during our worshiup service at Chapel at school today (may have enjoyed the kids all singing).

Well, Shannon is on camp for 3 days this week and will be back on Wednesday. We have a busy next couple of weeks actually as we are moving this coming weekend which is Labour Day long weekend here in Victoria.

The following weekend we are driving home for our yr 10 reunion which should be fun.

Anyhow, Might go give the folks a call, Belly rubs for all, J xox 

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