19 weeks…

Well, i should have a pic to show you today but for some reason we always end up taking out weekly pics on Sabbath afternoon so you may have to wait a couple of days. I had my first appointment with the midwife today. It went well. I have put on only 2kg so far so thats great however my uterus is measuring about 3 weeks ahead in size so I’ll have to wait and see weather that means bub has had a growth spurt or weather I am just destined to follow my families lead and have a BIG bub. I have to book an ultrsound for next week tomorrow so that will show me more.

Otherwise all is well, I’m just tired alot but that understandable when working full time in this yucky Melbourne heat.

Oh and sorry about not coming to post pics from Darren and Carissa’a wedding. I did try but Photobucket keeps playing up so maybe you should just click on Dannii’s blog (Best Family – in side bar) to check out a pic there…nice photo by the way dannii 🙂

More later…J xox

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