I’ve been sewing!

Thought I’d jump in here and show off a couple of things I’ve made recently. Been too tired to do much but have finally made a bag for Caz (our secretary at school who was using a safeway type bag for a handbag) and a taggie blanket for another teacher at school’s granddaughter that she asked me to make for her.

So here they are…

The bag-

Taggie blanket back –

Taggie top –

Apparently her granddaughter has a fasination with tags and loves putting them near her nose. You can buy these blankets but they cost approx $30 and prob cost less than $5 to make. They are only about 35cm squared! rip off.

Anyhow, Much cheaper to make.

Not much else happening. Shannon off to another race this Sunday. Otherwise everything else normal and good.  J xx

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One response to “I’ve been sewing!

  1. vicki

    good work girl so where the wedding pics your belly was cute to and the place you stayed wow you are such a cleaver girl must take after your big sister
    love ya heaps and good luck tomorrow shan
    v xxx

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