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Bubs at 13 weeks.

Well, here’s bubs’ scan taken on Monday 15th Jan 07 at 13 weeks 4 days.

By now bubs:

  • is 7.07cm long
  • weighs as much as 1/2 a banana
  • has own unique finger prints
  • has formed all 20 teeth buds
  • has vocal cords beginning to form
  • has intestines forming
  • liver begins making insulin
  • head can move easily from side to side
  • facial features are starting to form

The scan went well. They checked for down syndrome and have placed it has a low risk pregnancy for that so thats great news.

In other news – (man it’s been ages since I posted on here), our holidays went well besides the fact that it rained a fair bit while we were away (which was great news for Bega but not so good news for camping). Rusty had to have major abdominal surgery as he had a 7.5cm split in his diaphragm (they think caused by a blow to the guts from a car or horse – we not aware of either happening), his small intestines, his spleen and 2 parts of his liver were up in his chest cavity next to his heart starting to adhere to the sides so had obviously been there a few weeks…poor rusty, so $800 he has had his op and is recovering really well. Shannon has taken him to the vets to have his stitches out today.

Here is a pic of his stitches…


Anyhoo, I really should go finish a quilt i started yesterday for a little girl born last week from our local church. Love to all, J xox



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