It’s over!

Well the school Speech night & Concert is finally over! After all of that sewing, singing and practicing, it is finally done and it actually went pretty good too. The play was a hoot and a hit. We performed a Melodrama based on healthy eating and my class sang the ‘High Colestrol Blues’. They were great!

Anyhow, nothing else too exciting to report, oh except that Shannon’s team came runners up in his Monday night Tennis comp at Seville. Still playing Thursday nights at Mt Evelyn indoor. He has another race this Sunday too.

Off to bed…xx

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One response to “It’s over!

  1. vicki

    hi jo
    so excited Craig won batchlor of the year and i won the voters prize and it is a new mobile phone yahoo.
    can’t wait for you to come up and am so glad your performance went good the kids one did to they all did good sami was a great tin man and elijah was a great tree and props man and tiff and madi good munchkins hehehe you will have to watch the video when you come up well love ya v

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