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10 weeks!

Today I am 10 weeks. A quarter of the way through my pregnancy. We are on holidays at Mum & Dad’s at the moment in Cobargo and having a fun time camping with Dannii, Israel, Chloe, Ashca & Gemma (even though the rain has helped the girls get colds and the whole family get over camping a little – ok a lot – Dannii can’t wait to go home) Oh well. Today is ‘our’ little Christmas since we wont be seeing the Bests on Christmas day so We got to open pressies this morning and have some yummy white Christmas to eat. I got a beautiful scrapped clock – which I think is gorgeous! and Shannon got a BBQ apron which holds your BBQ utensils and folds up to make a bag- so cool. 10 week old ‘Glitter’ even got a present – a pair of knitted green booties – adorable. I Love Christmas!!! 

 Well – I am here at Tammie’s ready to colour her hair (but she’s not home yet) so thought I would update my blog while I wait.

Last night Dannii, Peta and all the guys went shooting and bought home a few rabbits for the dogs. We did some more target practice today and out of two shots each, I was the only one to hit the target – so pround! 🙂

 I thought I should give you a preg update too so you know what’s been happening. Well, I still seem to be having my morning chuck most morning and have even had a couple in the evenings (or on the side of the road – travelling seems to make it worse). I have been having a couple of strange dreams but not about babies – mostly about food! I dreamt I had a really yummy nutmeat sandwich last week and this week I dreamt I ate a really yummy vegemite and cheese sandwhich…so funny. I don’t crave food when I’m awake – only when I’m asleep…weird!

Anyhow, not much elsae to report. Love to all, J xox


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It’s over!

Well the school Speech night & Concert is finally over! After all of that sewing, singing and practicing, it is finally done and it actually went pretty good too. The play was a hoot and a hit. We performed a Melodrama based on healthy eating and my class sang the ‘High Colestrol Blues’. They were great!

Anyhow, nothing else too exciting to report, oh except that Shannon’s team came runners up in his Monday night Tennis comp at Seville. Still playing Thursday nights at Mt Evelyn indoor. He has another race this Sunday too.

Off to bed…xx

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The Christmas countdown is on…

Well, Christmas is getting closer and only 7 more days of school left!!!

I had my 1st appointment with the Obstitrician yesterday. He was really nice and seems like a really good Dr. His name is Dr Micheal Yeo. I wont see him much however as I will be going shared care with him. That means that from now on I will see him again after my 12 week scan which I will do as soon as I get back from Hols and than not again till about 28 weeks or something. All the rest of my visits will be with the midwives from the William Angliss Hospital at Ferntree Gully.

I have been feeling a bit sick this week , Monday being the worst day (I think because it was hot it was worse). I was in class and found myself searching for a place to puke. Wondering weather I should run for the grass outside or the sink in front of the kids (remembering that I havn’t told anyone at work yet), thankfully I sat down, had a sip of water and the feeling passed.  Lets hope that doesn’t happen too often!

I’ve invested in some ginger beer (Thanks for the suggestion Tam) and put some of that in my drink bottle on my desk at work now and find that helps. My (.Y.) have been SO sore! They were worse over the past 3 weeks and are slowly starting to feel a little better now (Shannon says – Thankfully! 🙂  hehe).  Anyhoo, it’s all for a good cause.

Um, in other news, Shannon had his first Triathalon race for season 2 Sundays ago and did really well. He has his next race next Sunday 10th Dec so I will let you know how that goes. He bought himself a new wetsuit – his last one was in desperate need of replacing as he had quite a large hole in the crutch…not a good look!

Busy week coming up again for us as we are now doing reports and have our school concert/speech night on Thursday night. This is Shannon’s last week of schoola nd he doesn’t have ANY classes as all his kids are in exams…Lucky boy!

Well, best be off to bed, oh ‘best’, that reminds me – Dannii won her first Scrapbooking comp this week at our local scrap store – have a look at her blog by clicking on ‘best family’ in my blogroll to read more – So proud of her!

Love to you all (not long till I visit now), J xox


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