Latest LO

Howdy all, what do you think of my latest layout? Please leave a comment after you’ve had a squiz…


I’ll come back later with more goss. xx love to all, J & S  -xox-


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10 responses to “Latest LO

  1. Yeah!!!!!! We are so very happy for you both! This is such a blessing and we know you will make fantastic parents.
    May this pregnancy be a joyous time, and not too uncomfortable for you.
    Take lots of pregnancy photos and I expect to see a LO every month on your belly growing!
    Plus, if ever you want some parenting practice, you know my girls are good guinee pigs!
    Catch you later, and again HUGE CONGRATS!
    Dannii, Israel, Chloe, Ashca and Gemma (oh and Samson and Gollum)

  2. Meljessie

    Wow – what wonderful news . Like Dannii said take lots of photos and I hope it is a boring and uneventful pregnancy (the best ones to have! lol)
    The LO is gorgeous love the title and how you have added the ultrasound 🙂 🙂 Cheers Mel

  3. brett and tammie

    congrats guys love you lots and it will be nice to be fat together, i told you it would happen but i thought you might of had to visit first but you only had to talk to me. i due about 21st may docs dates were wrong, ultra sound said i was about 4 weeks behind what we thought. congrats again and see you at christmas cant wait miss you heaps. -xox- brett, tammie and the boys.

  4. vicki

    i’m so happy oh so happy happy happy happy yahoo streamers and all well done good boy shannon and good girl jodi for standing on your head for so long you no to let it soak hay matt

  5. Tammy & Tony

    All those burnt pots were worth it!
    So happy for you both.
    Be careful what you wish for…
    Lot’s of Love, Tony, Tammy, Kalan, Ashlyn & Hannah.

  6. Silvercat

    Congrats!!…..hope you have a uneventful time!…..

    Look forward to see lots of tummy lo’s…lol..

  7. A big congrats to you both! Just excellent news!

    Gotta put a scrap comment in LOL Love how you marked the 6 on the tape.. looks great chick!

  8. Anna'smum

    OMG your LO’s are awesome. I had no idea you were into scrapping. Love the blog. Please stay in oue DIG, we love having you and what is a few days?

    P.S, the only thing missing is a pic of your BFP LOL.

  9. Farmboynsw,crackatiny,lilsis an fella

    G Day J&S ,Happy sabbath,Good to hear the top news best wishes for the future and not long to catch up at crissy,but we headn to darwin crissy arvo an returnen new year day,santa beta make it to darwin lol ,ps vicky it good to let it soak. Cya’z matt, Peta”lil sis” and fella

  10. Fiona (Gran)

    Congratulations. I hope you enjoy every day and all goes well. Another little friend for Chloe and Ashca and Gemma.

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