Especially for Peta, Matt & Vicki…

Hello beautiful people. It was great chatting to all of you today. I was happy to hear that you all read my posts (makes me feel a little slack for not updating as much as I should but my life isn’t always very exciting).

Matt – Here is the pic of the machine that makes ‘mini orb’ paper

 (Sorry i can’t use it on metal peta).

and here are the pants I made this morning (don’t think they’ll fit you Matt but I have heaps of left over fabric if you would like a pair to match! 🙂 )

Vicki – here is my latest lo (sorry the photo is not the best)…

Peta – I made you some strawberry muffins today…what time will you be here?

hehehe…wish you were coming.

Anyhoo, love you guys. Don’t forget to leave me messages so I know you’ve been. Keep watching this space. Love lots J xox



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3 responses to “Especially for Peta, Matt & Vicki…

  1. Those pants turned out really well! They look so funky! Almost as funky as your shoes! Hehe

    Sorry we couldn’t stay for the muffins, they look very yummy though!

  2. lil sis

    hey there big sis, well not sure bout the muffins they might not be still fresh by the time i end up getting there, but may be if ya freeze one!!!!!
    well we had a good weekend lotsa laughs!
    then when we finally got home our mates turned up for a chat and ended up stayin for tea. but that was good. well me and matty love checkin out your blog, so keep up the good work ok!
    but not to good because if we ring you wwe’ll have nothin to talk about cause we’ll know it all already!!
    anyway must go do some washin. love ya lots p oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. vicki

    Hi there lil sis
    was lovely to talk to you to and am happy to look over your web site makes you seem not so far away we miss you so much I’ve been getting of scrapbooking stuff wish you were closer to help me get started but i’ll give it a try just got heaps of stuff off ebay will get stuck into it with sami and see how proud of us you can be. by the way i bought sami a rasor today she very excited i guess kinda makes it official you should see her with her red stockings and back got very sun burnt will send you a pic he he silly girl well off to bed love ya heaps vX

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