It’s been so long…

Man, I can’t believe that it is already Melbourne Cup Day and I havn’t written anything on here for ages. I have been really busy lately as I had a little girl in my class leave early this year to spend the rest of the year in India and had to finalise everything with her. I am also working on trying to get my whole class Christmas stocking sewn so that takes quite a while but anyhow, enough boring stuff.

Since we had a long weekend this week, we decided to head for the bush for a couple of nights and spent Sat night camping. Isreal & Chloe joined us so that was really fun (Chloe is SO cute at the moment – she talks really cute in her own language some of the time and it’s very entertaining! lol ). Our intention was to spend Sun night as well but on a voyage into town to get some more bread, Isreals car broke down so we ended up coming home (which was probably better considering the crap nights sleep we had the night before).

I finally dropped off my entry for the Local scrap store comp for Nov yesterday. Here is a pic of how it turned out…


The tag says “I am the dream, you are the dreamer”. The photo was taken by Belinda Bell at collage on girls walk in 2001 (awww…I was just 21).

Well, Dannii, Isreal & the girls are coming over for tea tonight (well, sort of early tea…late lunch – put it this way, they’ll be here to watch the cup race lol) so I guess I should get back to finishing off those stockings.

Love to all.xx


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