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Latest LO

Howdy all, what do you think of my latest layout? Please leave a comment after you’ve had a squiz…


I’ll come back later with more goss. xx love to all, J & Sย  -xox-



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Christmas Stockings…

Hello everyone, just thought I’d post a pic of the Christmas set up & the stockings I made for my class. Christmas is so close…can’t wait…


I am busy sewing vests for the school concert now. Three done, twenty to go. Here are two i made tonight…



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Especially for Peta, Matt & Vicki…

Hello beautiful people. It was great chatting to all of you today. I was happy to hear that you all read my posts (makes me feel a little slack for not updating as much as I should but my life isn’t always very exciting).

Matt – Here is the pic of the machine that makes ‘mini orb’ paper

ย (Sorry i can’t use it on metal peta).

and here are the pants I made this morning (don’t think they’ll fit you Matt but I have heaps of left over fabric if you would like a pair to match! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Vicki – here is my latest lo (sorry the photo is not the best)…

Peta – I made you some strawberry muffins today…what time will you be here?

hehehe…wish you were coming.

Anyhoo, love you guys. Don’t forget to leave me messages so I know you’ve been. Keep watching this space. Love lots J xox


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Chloe’s campover

Dannii & Isreals little girl Chloe is having a camp over at our house this weekend. We picked her up last night and she will go home tomorrow morning. She is so funny! and such a cute little girl (yes Mummy Dannii…she is doing fine). Here are a couple of pics from the this morning of Chloe having her campover at Jo jo & Shja Shja’s house…

She had a really good sleep this arvo (between 2 & 2 1/2 hrs) and when she woke up, she asked for weet-bix, ย she thought it was morning…hahaha…so cute.

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Yay for Rusty!

Shannon was so excited this morning, Rusty caught his first rabbit by himself! We woke up and let him out and when I came out of the shower, he was outside eating it. Shannon jumped out of bed to praise Rusty he was so excited. Finally all those nights ‘bunny hunting’ with Rusty have paid off. Maybe soon we might get rid of a few pesky rabbits from our block.

Had a lovely time last night at the Billy Joel concert. The last song of the evening was ‘Piano Man’ which was the song I went to see him sing, so that made it all worthwhile (the rest was great too – don’t get me wrong). Got home around midnight so it was a bit hard to drag Shannon out of bed for church today.

Went to Justine’s (a little girl in my grade 2 class) house for lunch after church. They have a berry farm so we came home with LOTS of yummy berries (I’m thinking dipped strawberries in choc sounds good for tea ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Just settling down to a night of sewing I think – need to finish off those stockings (or at least get about 8 done)!

Heres a pic from the concert of Shannon and I…

and with Billy Joel a LONG way in the background lol…


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Billy Joel Concert

Hi all, Shannon and I are off to the city tonight to a Billy Joel Concert. Should be heaps of fun. Shannon has gone car shopping with Isreal this arvo so I’ll have to collect him soon. Guess I’ll be off just wanted to post quickly about our exciting evening (Shannon is really excited about going – he got the ticket MONTHS ago ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Love Yas J x

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Mini album

Hi all, just a quick one tonight. Here is a pic of my latest efforts. It is a mini album in a mint tin (found at Target).

I’ve added my hand in the pic to show how small the album is. Cute eh?! Well, I thought so.

Been busy sewing for school. I am making christmas swags with the kids in my class and I am sewing them all stockings so that will keep me busy for a little bit longer yet.

Anyhow…off to bed. Lv J xox

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