New Stuff!

Howdy all, I will start this poat by saying how bummed I was that Peta & Matt couldn’t make it in the end. With a death in Matty’s family I can understand but was still really bummed because I was so looking forward to seeing them. Anyhow, so I went and did what girls know best and went SHOPPING! My local scrapbook store had a sale on today so here are all the fun things i got… I got chipboard letters and lots of ribbons and a pack of flowers, slides and even a piece of patterned paper(all of measuring tapes). So I guess you want to see what happens to them eh? Well, here is a note book I covered already this arvo and it turned out like this… I had fun using lots of my new ribbon.  I’m going to try to finish off one of my present for my Secret santa that I am doing for the scrapping thread on EB tonight so I better get to it. Toodles xx

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  1. Hi jodi, Love the scrapping supplies you got. Was that from Picture to Page? I was gonna go, but i ended up having to do a photoshoot for a friend.

    I got your message on my blog. It depends on what you plan on selling, and to who. I have a store at which is basically an ebay for all things hand made. The only problem is 90% of the shoppers are international. So if you are happy to post internationally then it is a great place to start. It is free to set up a store, and only 10c per listing. I have sold quite a few things there.
    If you have any other questions just send me an email
    Cheers, Clair

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