Yay, My sister is coming to visit!!!

I’m so excited! (in case you couldn’t already tell) because my lil sis Peta and her boyfriend Mattchew are coming to visit me on the weekend. They have a couple off days of work so they are driving down on Friday and back on sunday arvo. It will be a short visit but at least I get to see them!!! Besides that exciting news, today was another messed up school day due to swimming. We have an intensive 2 week swimming block happening at Kilsyth pool over the next 2 weeks and it stuffs up the whole day. I basically only get about 2 hrs of teaching in at the most on most days. At least the kids have been working really good and not being too ratty considering. Well, Shannon was supposed to go camping again tonight with the yr 9 boys but as it turned out, they didn’t have enough staff to go so he is home with me tonight (even though he was so tired and has been sleeping on the couch since 7pm!).  He was playing indoor soccer at school yesterday and got 2 huge blisters (about the size of a 5cent piece) on the bootom of each foot…ouch! Then he went and played tennis on them last night and came home and packed so had a really late night. I started my scrapping challenge for this week (Dannii and I have been setting each other challenges each week so we can try to fill out our albums a little more), the challenge is that I have to include at least one tag in the layout. I will post a pic when I am done.  Last weeks challenge was on ‘Dads’. Here is a picture of my finished LO. 


 The journalling is actually a little letter that he wrote me while I was studying st Avondale college.  I love my Dad! xx


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2 responses to “Yay, My sister is coming to visit!!!

  1. yeah on peta coming! hope i get to meet them! will they come to dinner tomorrow night?
    again, i totally LURVE your dad page and can’t wait to see your next LO!

  2. jo inskip

    its nice to know that you love us and are thinking of us as much as every one else

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