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Secret LO

Hi friends, home alone again tonight as Shannon is off camping with yr 9 again for their Dukes. Decided that after school today I would head down to my local scrappy store to pick up some new cardstock and who should come in when I am there but Dannii and the girls so that was c0ol. Decided to go have dinner with Dannii & Israel. Dannii & I are trying out the packs that the store has and are going to have a go at their scrap challenge for the month so that should be fun. Here is the latest LO I have done. It had to be based opn a secret that not many people knew about you and had to contain hidden journalling. The journalling is under the picture fap on a pull down tag and is about my collection of cows horns (yeah, strange I know).  

I actually really love how it has turned out and think it is my favourite so far. I might even submit it to a scrappy mag (just for fun & the experience). Anyhow, Thats all from me. xx 


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All things country…

Well, it’s been almost a week since I posted last (sorry). The week has been fairly boring so I had nothing to say really. I decided I would give you a glimpse of our new house we have started to rent as of a month ago. Oh and we have tenants moving into our house today…how exciting!

So here are some pics to show how I love all things country (and how I fill our house with them 🙂 )…

stained glass windows

old wooden ladder…

Bird houses…

Angel dolls…

Claw footed bath with exposed copper pipeing…

Country Kitchen…

I made this myself and used Farvie’s old butcher hooks…

Quilts … 

Stitcheries & Cows…

My spinning wheel…

Wood fire place…

Red brick floor…

So there you have it, a little glimpse at our home!

J xox


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New Stuff!

Howdy all, I will start this poat by saying how bummed I was that Peta & Matt couldn’t make it in the end. With a death in Matty’s family I can understand but was still really bummed because I was so looking forward to seeing them. Anyhow, so I went and did what girls know best and went SHOPPING! My local scrapbook store had a sale on today so here are all the fun things i got… I got chipboard letters and lots of ribbons and a pack of flowers, slides and even a piece of patterned paper(all of measuring tapes). So I guess you want to see what happens to them eh? Well, here is a note book I covered already this arvo and it turned out like this… I had fun using lots of my new ribbon.  I’m going to try to finish off one of my present for my Secret santa that I am doing for the scrapping thread on EB tonight so I better get to it. Toodles xx

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Catchup & scrapping

Hi all,

Not much has been happening the last couple of days but I have been doing a bit of scrapping and want to post some pics of some previous pages i have done for family and friends to see (for those i don’t get to see regularly. Here is a page i did on Shannon from when he was about 5ys old.

Here’s one on Sami. I love thos photo she emailed me just for fun.


and here is a LO on my Girlfriends from Warby.

Sorry the photos arn’t very good and are too reflective.

I’ll post more another time but i’ll leave you now with a pic of my really funky orange shoes…

Arn’t they just so cool?!…well I think so anyhow 🙂

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Yay, My sister is coming to visit!!!

I’m so excited! (in case you couldn’t already tell) because my lil sis Peta and her boyfriend Mattchew are coming to visit me on the weekend. They have a couple off days of work so they are driving down on Friday and back on sunday arvo. It will be a short visit but at least I get to see them!!! Besides that exciting news, today was another messed up school day due to swimming. We have an intensive 2 week swimming block happening at Kilsyth pool over the next 2 weeks and it stuffs up the whole day. I basically only get about 2 hrs of teaching in at the most on most days. At least the kids have been working really good and not being too ratty considering. Well, Shannon was supposed to go camping again tonight with the yr 9 boys but as it turned out, they didn’t have enough staff to go so he is home with me tonight (even though he was so tired and has been sleeping on the couch since 7pm!).  He was playing indoor soccer at school yesterday and got 2 huge blisters (about the size of a 5cent piece) on the bootom of each foot…ouch! Then he went and played tennis on them last night and came home and packed so had a really late night. I started my scrapping challenge for this week (Dannii and I have been setting each other challenges each week so we can try to fill out our albums a little more), the challenge is that I have to include at least one tag in the layout. I will post a pic when I am done.  Last weeks challenge was on ‘Dads’. Here is a picture of my finished LO. 


 The journalling is actually a little letter that he wrote me while I was studying st Avondale college.  I love my Dad! xx


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Hi all,

just thought I’d pop in before I go off to bed to post this cute picture I found in my pic file of Rusty & Kasey (Phil & Shelisa’s dog).

They had so much fun playing together and i thought they loooked really relaxed together. Cute eh!

Open night went ok tonight. A little slow though and a bit of a waste of time. It could have been shorter I’m sure, but anyhow off to bed. Shannon be home soon (I hope – he’s at Tennis tonight).

Night all…mwah! xx

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Welcome to our world!

Well, i’ve finally done it. I’ve finally joined the cyber world and created my own blog. Just thought it would be fun to keep a log of all things interesting happening in our lives so friends and family can see whats going on when we fail to call for ages (sorry…we do still love you all…honest!). So, keep an eye on us and feel free to comment to let us know what is happening in your lives too.

So I guess I can start with this week. It’s going to be a busy one as we have an opening night at school tomorrow night and have to be there till about 8:30pm so we can have our rooms open…boring! Oh well, I guess publicity is always good. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about our art work…oops, let me explain…My 2/3 class has made a large canvas (will try to post a pic later when i get one) as a gift for the opening of the new ELC that we have at school now and tomorrow night we have to have the official handover, so i wanted to have a plaque ready to present to them but, silly me, left it to the last minute and now i don’t have one yet so i guess we will just have to give them the artwork with a plaque to follow (when i get my act together).

Anyhow, don’t want to bore you…goodnight. j x

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